Do Betta Fish Get Lonely

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely

Seeing a fish tank with a single betta fish inside will always make people ask if the fish gets lonely. We humans imagine ourselves in such a situation and it may make us feel as … Read more

Can Fish Sleep with the Air Pump On?

Can Fish Sleep with the Air Pump on

Fish need to sleep just as humans do. Sleep rejuvenates and heals. Sleep lets us rest. Betta fish are well-known sleepers. You can see betta fish sleeping on the gravel, tucked in a crevice, squeezing … Read more

Do Fish Get Sad When Other Fish Die?

do fish get sad when other fish die

There has been much debate whether fish experience feelings the same ways humans do. Fish’s brains aren’t as complex as mammalian brain structures but recent studies have shown that fish can feel pain, react to … Read more

Do Fish Ever Fart?

Do Fish Ever Fart

There have been some stories shared by Betta fish keepers that their betta fish passed gas out of where their poop comes out. This is an interesting idea that makes a person think if that … Read more