Fish You Can Put with a Betta

Fish you can put with a betta

If you’re serious about taking care of betta fishes as a pet, you need to know which fish you can put with a betta. Having a community tank is one of the fun parts of … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Lid on Their Tank?

Do betta fish need a lid on their tank

The answer to the question, “do betta fish need a lid on their tank,” is a resounding YES. Betta fish can jump out of their containers especially when the water surface is very near the … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live in Tap Water?

Can betta fish live in tap water

The natural bodies of water where the Betta fish live do not have chlorine mixed into it. That is basically the major difference with tap water. You can mix chlorine and chloramine with the water … Read more