11 Best Toys for Betta Fish

Last Updated on August 12, 2022

Betta fish are colorful, beautiful, and easy to care for. They are perfect if you are the type to want to gaze at the aquarium and stare at the fascinating colors of your betta swimming around their tanks. With this in mind, it’s also important to provide them a loving home and the right environment for them to thrive.

Did you know betta fish could recognize their owners? According to Betta Buzz, bettas get used to their guardian’s presence over time and would even show excitement whenever their owner comes up to their tanks!

With their intelligence and curious minds, are you sure that you are providing your betta with the best and energizing environment?

This might come as a shock to others as they are used to seeing fish living inside a bowl or cup with little to nothing to do. But we should provide them with an interactive space where they can play and stimulate their senses.

Do bettas need toys?

The quick answer to that is yes. Bettas are intelligent and love to interact with toys.

Our companions also need to have their fun time once in a while, as we humans do. Some may think that toys are irrelevant when you can entertain your betta by tapping their tanks. Tapping fish tanks is a bad idea, as this can cause unnecessary shock and stress to your betta.

Giving them toys would be the best alternative, and playing with them could be so much fun! Who knows? These toys might increase your bond together for years to come.

But before you purchase toys for your bettas, check first if these are safe for them to play with. This means that making sure there are no sharp objects and toxic plastics is your priority.

So what are some toys that are safe and best for our bettas?

What are the best toys for betta fish?

Bettas have a reputation for being hardy fish, but they’re still living creatures with special needs. If you’re just getting started with betta fish, or if you’ve been a pet parent to a betta fish for years, this list is for you!

We’ve featured the best toys for betta fish, and decorations that can be a toy substitute for your betta.

Laser Pointer

Laser Pointer, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Kitten Dog Laser Pen Toy, Red Dot LED Light Pointer Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Dogs, USB Charging, 5 Switchable Patterns

Given their inquisitive nature, using the laser pointer is a great way to keep your betta moving and stimulated. Shining and pointing the laser in different directions and objects will make your betta chase the light.

Keeping your betta happy and healthy is very helpful to keep them entertained and moving. But, remember not to overstimulate your bettas and give them time to rest. You don’t want your fish stressed out and tired from all the moving. Playing with them a few minutes a day is well enough to make your bettas happy and active.

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Ping pong Ball

50Pcs/Pack Colored Ping Pong Balls 40mm 2.4g Entertainment Table Tennis Balls Mixed Colors for Game and Advertising

Playing at the surface of the water is one thing that bettas love to do. That’s why ping pong balls are not only perfect for them to play with, they are also very affordable.

Before introducing this toy, make sure that you cleanse it first to remove harmful chemicals and to avoid any diseases your fish could catch. After that, you will quickly see your betta swimming and moving around it when placed inside the tank in no time.

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Leaf Hammock

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock

What is the best place to rest after moving around the tank than a leaf hammock? They commonly design this hammock to stick at the side of the tank near the surface of the water using a suction cup. In the wild, bettas love to rest near the surface on leaves and twigs and this toy would allow your fish to do the same.

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Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

Bettas usually flare up when they are in their aggressive mode. The presence of other bettas or predators can cause them to flare and see their reflections. Stimulating your betta to do this is a good way to check their condition for diseases or injury as it gives you a better view of their fins and scales. Although, remember always to be cautious when using mirrors and never overdo it because this may cause stress to your betta.

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Fish Training Kit

We already know that bettas love getting stimulated because of their inquisitive nature.

Bettas could be fast learners and using training kits, will encourage your fish to move around and be active. Training kits will allow you to teach many tricks to your beloved fish such as playing fetch, jumping or swimming through hoops, dance the limbo, and more fun activities.

Aside from helping to reduce your bettas’ stress through physical training, these kits would also mentally stimulate and entertain them.

Floating Log

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

The floating log is a tube that floats around the tank. Your betta can interact with it by swimming through and hiding in it.

Plus, bettas could use this toy as their resting area when they have nothing else to do. Just check the floating log whenever you can’t see your pet inside the tank. Betta fishes sure do love to hide!

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Moss Ball

Exo Terra Moss Ball, Water Clarity and Odor Control for Aqua-Terrariums, PT2478 , White

Adding moss balls is an exceptional addition to your tank, not only for design but also for your bettas’ health and the cleanliness of their tank. Moss ball helps reduce the number of toxins in the water; all you need to make this work is water, some light, and rotating it when changing the water to avoid the bottom side of the ball from dying.

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SunGrow Betta Fish Cave, Habitat Made from Coconut Shell, Soft-Textured Smooth Edged Spacious Hideout, for Resting and Breeding

A very attractive addition to your fish tank is a resin clamshell. It can be a good hiding spot and safe house for your betta.

Take note to not use real shells you find on seashores. Real shells contain calcium and other minerals that cause changes to pH levels when placed inside the tank. Bettas are very sensitive to water changes, which could harm their health.

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hygger Betta Log Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Ornament, Betta Fish Accessories, Aquarium Decorations Wood House Small and Medium Fish Tank Decor, with Holes for Small Fish Pets to Swim Through (Tree Trunk)

There are many types and brands of caves that you can add to your tank. The coconut cave is one type of cave that your betta will surely love. This helps your fish to feel safe by giving them a spot to retreat whenever they feel threatened. Hiding spots for betta help them keep their stress levels down,

When choosing a cave, inspect it thoroughly to ensure your bettas’ safety. Avoid caves containing holes small enough for a betta to get stuck at all costs.

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Ceramic Log

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMFA50 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

Aside from being a toy, this log also serves as a good aesthetic design that you can add inside your bettas’ tank. The opposite of the floating log, ceramic logs are built to stay at the bottom of the tank and feature holes your fish can swim and hide amongst.

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Live Plants

capetsma 2X Crystal Glass Aquatic Plant Pot, Aquarium Aquatic Planter, Red Shrimp Live Plants Fish Tank Glass Holder with 4X Suction Cups for Aquarium Aquascape Decoration…

Another great hideout for the bettas, live plants are also a nice decoration to add to your tanks as they provide oxygen and help with absorbing harmful chemicals such as nitrates and ammonia! If you think that growing live plants is a lot of work for your betta, just think of the health benefits it can give to your fish and how much it would increase the aesthetics of your tank.

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Can you teach betta fish some tricks?

It is definitely possible to teach betta fish some tricks by giving them a reward such as a food treat, which also works with most animals. With persistence and patience, some things you can teach your betta ranges from learning how to eat from your fingers to even swimming and leaping through hoops!

Food and betta treats are the best reinforcement if you want to teach your pet some tricks but always remember not to overfeed them as this could cause indigestion to your pet.

Plus, teaching them simple tricks is only not just fun but can be a great bonding experience for you and your pet.

Final thoughts

Remember: a bored betta is an unhealthy betta. Similar to other pets like cats and dogs, betta fish also need some entertainment and stimulation. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to keep them happy, healthy, and amused.

While it sounds nice to spoil your betta with toys and all the decorations mentioned, keep in mind to provide them with the basic things first, such as a proper tank and enough room for them to swim around in.

Enjoy playing and bonding with your bettas by owning some, if not all, of the toys and decorations listed above. Although your interaction might not be as complex as larger pets, you can still expect to develop a nice and happy relationship with your little fish. The best toys for betta fish are something that will make your fish’s home a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for your little friend!

Last, remember that bettas have a curious mind, so it is best not to keep them idle by supplying them with the best environment they need.