Do Bettas Need Toys?

do bettas need toys

Like other fish, bettas are playful creatures. You can keep them alone or in small groups in n adequate tank size, but good owners provide them with toys to keep them entertained. These toys can … Read more

Best Bottled Water for Betta Fish

best bottled water for betta fish

Your betta lives 24/7 in the water you provide, so you must always look after the water quality. Bettas needs clean and well-maintained water to live a healthy life. However, you must be well-prepared for … Read more

How To Keep Algae Out Of Betta Tank

How To Keep Algae Out Of Betta Tank

Are you having trouble with unwanted algae in your betta tank? A little green or brown algae buildup on rocks and driftwood isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but extreme levels of growth can make your … Read more