What’s the Best Betta Fish Tank Filter of 2023?

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Betta fish are famous for their bright colors and playful behavior, making them an excellent choice for first-time fish owners. However, they won’t be known for their vibrant colors if they’re not thriving in a clean and healthy tank. That is why the best betta fish tank filter is a must to maintain this cleanliness!

If you’re looking for a top-quality betta fish filter, there are 10 options that come to mind. A good filter for betta fish will help keep the water clean and crystal clear, and will also provide your betta with plenty of oxygen and nutrients.

Check each betta filter below and decide which filtration system will work best for your betta fish tanks!

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1. Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter

Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter 150 GPH, Multi-Stage Aquarium Filtration

The Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter is a multi-stage aquarium filtration system that provides chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration to keep your tank clean and healthy.

This filter features a patented bio-wheel that provides efficient biological filtration for up to a 30-gallon betta aquarium. It also includes Rite-Size Filter Cartridges with activated carbon to filter out debris from the water and remove any harmful toxins and impurities.


  • Cartridges are available in five sizes (from 10 up to 70 gallons)
  • Creates a nice slow current
  • Can use 2 cartridges at once
  • Adjustable flow rate


  • Can make water splashing noise

2. Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter

Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter, 175 GPH, with Stay Clean Technology, 30 Gallons

If you’re looking for the best filter for a betta 10-gallon tank, then you may be interested in the Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter. This betta tank filter provides superior filtration for your tank, ensuring a healthy and clean environment.

This filter is also equipped with a SoundShield to minimize noise by creating a barrier between the motor and filter, thus giving your betta a peaceful and relaxing home!


  • Adjustable intake tube
  • Very quiet filter
  • Low maintenance
  • Available for different tank sizes


  • Bulky

3. NICREW Aquarium Submersible Power Filter

NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter, Submersible Power Filter with Multiple Function, Aeration System with Sponge Filter for Fish Tanks 5-10 Gallon, 53 GPH, 5W

This NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter is ideal for novice and experienced fish keepers. It offers a variety of functions, including biological and chemical filtration, activated carbon filtration, and fine filter foam making it perfect for your small delicate fish!

Plus, the submersible design can be placed almost anywhere in the tank. Just make sure that the pump is fully submerged in water so that the filter can generate air bubbles and water flow.


  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Good suction cups
  • Quiet filter


  • Too strong water flow for smaller tanks

4. AquaClear Fish Tank Filter

AquaClear 50 Power Filter, Fish Tank Filter for 20- to 50-Gallon Aquariums

The AquaClear Fish Tank Filter circulates water through a three-stage filtration system that removes debris and harmful toxins in the tank, including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. These are produced by the fish waste in the tank and any excess food that was not removed immediately.

You also don’t have to worry about the filter noise since its unique design allows the filtered water to return silently and give your fish enough oxygen.


  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Various models available for different tank sizes
  • Cool waterfall design


  • Short intake tube

5. AQUA-TECH Ultra Quiet Power Filter

AQUA-TECH Ultra Quiet Power Filter, for Aquariums 10-20 Gallons

The AQUA-TECH Ultra Quiet Power Filter is the perfect addition to any fish tank. This filter is built to be extremely quiet, so you and your little fish won’t be disturbed by the sound of running water.

Although it utilizes a separate motor that reduces noise to below 40 dB, its filtration system continues to be efficient enough to filter up to 10 to 20-gallon aquariums 5 times in just an hour.


  • Sleek design
  • Reduces noise to below 40 dB


  • Some parts are hard to clean
  • Strong flow

6. Aqueon QuietFlow Fish Tank Power Filter

Aqueon QuietFlow 20 LED PRO Aquarium Fish Tank Power Filter For Up To 30 Gallon Aquariums

The Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filter is the perfect way to keep your tank water looking and feeling great. This filter provides increased oxygen levels and helps lessen noise, making it a perfect choice for any aquarium.

Additionally, this power filter features a LED light at the top that signals you whenever the filter has to be replaced. It also automatically starts after cleaning or when there is a power interruption, giving you fewer things to worry about as a fish owner.


  • Self-priming filter
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Features an indicator light


  • Few space for filter media

7. PULACO Ultra Quiet Aquarium Hang on Filter

PULACO Ultra Quiet Aquarium Hang on Filter (66GPH 3W), Small Fish Tank Filter for 2 to 8 Gallons Fish Tank

The next filter for your betta on the list is the PULACO Ultra Quiet Aquarium Hang-on Filter. This filter is safe to use for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums and is a great way to improve water circulation to keep your tank clean.

This is also easy to install and operate, having an adjustable flow knob that you can easily change whenever needed. Remember to inject some water into the filter first before turning it on so the filter pump will work more effectively.


  • Silent filter
  • Adjustable flow knob
  • Perfect for small shallow tanks


  • Current can be strong

8. Penn-Plax Cascade Hang-On Filter

Penn-Plax Cascade 150 Power Filter – Hang-On Filter with Quad Filtration – Great for Freshwater and Saltwater Setups

The Penn-Plax Cascade Hang-On Filter is a great filter that enables water to push at 150 gallons per hour for aquariums up to 35 gallons. The filter provides mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, which will help provide your fish with an environment free of harmful bacteria.

Like other filters, this unit also features an adjustable flow knob that is particularly helpful since your betta prefers low-flow currents. Designed for safe mounting, this hang-on filter utilizes double-sided filter cartridges to effectively remove harmful chemicals in your tank and promote a cleaner environment for your little buddies.


  • Super quiet
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Subpar media quality
  • Weak suction cups

9. Marina S10 Power Filter

Marina S10 Power Filter

The Marina Slim S10 Power Filter’s compact design brings visual and practical benefits to your aquarium. Its thinner design takes up less space than other standard power filters.

Marina power filter offers an adjustable flow control to keep the current low for your betta fish. It also includes two filter cartridges containing Ceramitek that make the most of biological filtration.

Just install this power filter with its motor submerged in the water for a quiet operation and let your fish thrive in its healthy environment!


  • Less bulky than other power filters
  • Fairly quiet
  • Adjustable flow control


  • Might require some modification
  • High flow

10. Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filter

Tetra Whisper 4 Gallon Internal Power Filter, Filtration for 4 Gallon Aquariums

Built for small tanks up to 4 gallons, the Tetra Whisper Power Filter has a dual-stage filtration system that can be installed inside the aquarium, allowing you to hide the filter behind the decors neatly.

The Tetra Whisper internal filter pump 27 gph cycles more than six times per hour in a 1 to the 4-gallon tank. In addition, this filter flows through activated carbon which absorbs odors and discoloration to trap debris and fish wastes in its dense mesh filters.

If you decide to buy this internal filter, expect that the kit includes a hinged lid, an internal filter and filter cartridge, and a tank clip.


  • Silent filter
  • Good for small tanks
  • Slim design


  • Slight modification needed

Things to Consider When Choosing a Filter

When choosing the right filter for your aquarium, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Filtration systems

There are many different types of filters for betta tanks, but the most important factor to consider is the type of media the filter uses. A filtration system is a vital part of keeping your tank clean, and here are three major stages of filtration:

Mechanical filtration

The first step in the filtration process is the mechanical part. In this stage, any debris or particles floating in the tank is removed by a mechanical filtration media such as cylinders, sponges, or filter floss.

Biological filtration

Biological filtration uses helpful bacteria and other aquatic life to clean the water. This process is slow, but it’s a more natural way to keep your tank clean. Plus, you can add additional creatures to help with the process if you want.

Chemical filtration

Chemical filtration aquariums are used to clean the water of an aquarium by filling the tank with a chemical, most commonly carbon, that removes the pollutants from the water. This type of filtration system is not for beginners because it requires a lot of knowledge about fish and water chemistry.

2. Cartridge

Filters are one of the most important components in a fish tank setup, but they also need to be changed regularly to ensure optimal performance.

It helps with keeping the tank from getting algae, which can grow on rocks or other surfaces if not cleaned often enough. Choose a good-quality filter cartridge that can be easily removed and replaced. This ensures that the water remains clean, healthy, and odorless for your betta.

3. Flow rate

Bettas are small and slow-moving creatures that’s why they get easily stressed out in strong currents.

As much as possible, look for a filter with an adjustable flow rate feature. Set the flow rate between 0-50 gph which is the ideal flow for your pet.

4. Noise level

A noisy filter in a fish tank can be very annoying. It can frighten your betta and make them stressed all the time.

The pump’s impeller usually causes this to be worn out or broken, which causes it to make an irritating sound. It may also just be dirty and need cleaning, but it’s not something you want in your home.

When choosing a filter for your betta fish, make sure that it is quiet and, at the same time, can still provide adequate filtration for your fish tank!

5. Size

You will also have to consider the size of your betta tank when choosing a filter. Always choose a filter that is appropriate for your tank size.

A nano aquarium that contains less than five gallons should have a small filter. Large filters could be too much and powerful for a small tank and may even cause stress to your betta.

On the other hand, if you have a larger tank, you’ll also need a larger and more powerful filter that can properly circulate and filtrate the tank water.

6. Price

Your budget will always be the major factor you must consider when purchasing a tank filter. If you’re on a tight budget, there are many affordable and reasonable options out there that you can buy.

However, always check the quality of the product first to avoid wasting your money on a filter that may or may not do its job well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do betta fish need a special filter?

The betta fish is a popular pet fish in many homes. They are easy to care for and do well in most home aquariums. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to keep a betta fish.

One of these is that they do not need a special filter. But if you want to make the perfect home for your pet, it’d be best to get them a filter and make a few modifications that will cater to their needs.

Do 5-gallon tanks need betta fish filters?

Smaller tanks may appear easy to maintain but require more extensive maintenance because they get dirtier more easily.

If this is the first time in the aquarium hobby, it’s recommended that you make sure the filter turns over the water anywhere between 4 to 5 times per hour. For this reason, a 5-gallon tank requires a filter that can do a good 20 -/+ gph.

In addition, having a filter for your tank can lessen the chance of having to change the water regularly, which can be stressful for your betta fish.

What kind of filter do I need for big tanks?

It would be best to run a second filter if you have a larger tank, say around 40 gallons or more. A hang-on-back (HOB) filter with an internal or under gravel filter is preferable to ensure that your tank water is getting filtered properly.

The key to having the clearest water possible is making sure that there’s good water flow with a well-designed cartridge. The crucial thing for filtering the whole tank is to promote circulation in your aquarium; for certain, this will give your fish the best environment they need!

What to do with noisy filters?

Noisy filters can be a headache not only for you but also for your little buddies as well. Followed the instruction manual, but the filter is still making noises?

There are DIY and simple ways to solve this issue, and here are some of them:

  • Add more water above the level to lessen the splashing sound from water circulation. Jeep in mind, though, to leave enough space at the water surface to allow movement of oxygen.
  • Cover the intake with a filter sponge. Sponge filters will decrease the noise and protect your fish from getting accidentally sucked from the filter.
  • Lubricate impeller with a slime coat or grease

How to reduce water flow if the filter is too strong?

If your filter causes too much water flow, there are some things you can do to reduce that:

  • First, if you have an adjustable filter, the most simple thing you can do is adjust the flow rate using the knob.
  • Second, if you don’t have an adjustment feature, you can limit the water intake by fitting a pantyhose in the filter intake to slow down the water entering your filter.
  • Third, you can also use baffles like mesh tank screens and sponges to block and disperse water.
  • Lastly, the last thing you can do is to protect your fish from a strong flow rate by placing toys or decorations around the tank where your bettas can rest and hide.

Should you let the filter rest during the night?

Turning off the filter at night may seem like a good idea to conserve energy, but you should not do this. Filters are essential to keep your tank’s environment clean, and by turning them off, you risk polluting your tank with built-up wastes and debris.

If you need to do some maintenance on your filter, adjust the flow rate instead rather than turning the device off completely.


The best betta fish tank filter is the:

Aqueon Quietflow not only filters your tank efficiently but also requires very little maintenance.

Betta fish are susceptible to the quality of water. They require aquarium filters that can clean up ammonia and nitrite from their tanks and one with a flow rate high enough to provide them with oxygen.

When looking for the best betta fish tank filter, there are various factors to consider. By taking into account the needs of your fish and your specific tank, you can find the perfect filter to create a healthy and happy environment for your betta!