Are Betta Fish Jumpers?

Last Updated on December 4, 2020

Bettas are magnificent pets that put a smile on your face when you watch them swimming around with their colorful fins.

A lot of times, you will see betta fish cramped in small containers when they are being sold at a shop. Traditionally, they are in vases as a sort of decoration.

But today, a happy betta fish is one that has a lot of room to move with a regulated water temperature that keeps them healthy.

If you study your betta’s behavior you’ll know the toys they like, what kind of food are their favorites, and their swimming habits are.

If you keep up with this maintenance, you’ll have one happy and healthy betta.

But weird behaviors may come into the picture. In this case, a betta jumping out of the tank.

Are betta fish jumpers? Let’s find out!

Can Betta Fish Jump?

Short answer: yes.

Fishes not only swim, but they also jump and glide in the water. Some even roll and do somersaults in the air. That is if we’re talking about the fish in the ocean.

Bettas usually live in moving streams and rice paddies, but they, without a doubt, jump as well.

If you’re wondering how high can a betta fish jump, this video can give you an idea.

Fishes that are common pets can and will jump when they feel like it. Bettas are not an exemption, and they can jump out of the tank falling to their deaths.

It’s not an exaggeration because it can happen.

A lot of fish owners worry about this and have become one worry of newcomers and veteran aquarium hobbyists.

You are not alone in thinking this will happen, but there are reasons a betta fish will behave like this, which we will talk about below.

Why Do Bettas Jump Out of Their Tank?

A jumping betta can be just a weird quirk. It’s entirely possible that your betta may just really like to jump.

There can be instances where they see an insect just above their water and are curious to touch them so they will jump above the water’s surface.

But a jumping betta can be a sign of life-threatening reasons. To ensure that you know which is harmless and which one should you look out for, check the reasons we’ve listed.

Poor water conditions

Bettas are very easy to spot as their colors are eye-catching and beautiful to look at. While observing your fish and suddenly realize that your betta now looks blurry and dirty, it may be time to clean your tank.

One major chore of a betta owner is keeping the tank clean regularly.

Betta’s waste that stays too long in the tank can build high levels of ammonia, which is toxic for your betta and can even lead to death.

Aside from this, any sudden changes in the water temperature can be the reason why bettas jump out as well.

So, keep an eye out on the water quality that your betta fish lives in. It can lead to your betta acting out wanting to go above their home.

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Small fish tank

Imagine living in a tiny space. All of us need adequate space to move, and so does your betta.

Betta fish needs enough space so it can swim freely and zoom around its tank.

We’ve mentioned how bettas live in small containers, especially in shops. But the ideal size for a betta is 5 gallons at the very least. Anything lower can speed up the ammonia levels inside, which is harmful to your betta.

Also, a small space can only accommodate little to no furnishings. Boredom can lead to your betta to jump out and look for a better space.

Enough space with plants and toys are a good way to keep your betta happy and entertained and stop it from wondering what’s outside of its fish tank looking

Crappy environment

Ensuring the right oxygen level, temperature, and pH balance is a must. If you do not meet these conditions, your betta may jump out hoping to find a safer place.

Unfortunately, there won’t always be water to fall into.

Read this article if you want to know the best betta fish setup, you can get your pet.

What to do when your betta jumps out of their tank?

If you find your betta fish out of the tank and gasping, you need to get it back to its tank as soon as possible.

Fish can survive in about 10 minutes on average. Anything beyond that is already a very slim chance of survival for them.

Add aquarium salt to the tank to help their gills function well.

How to keep betta from jumping out of the tank?

How to keep betta from jumping out of the tank

Suitable environment

The must-do solution to keeping your betta jumping out is making it happy and healthy by providing its needs.

When you give it the best environment, one that has enough space, clean water, good lighting, some plants, decorations, and toys, your betta will live the dream.

These are important if you’re serious about keeping a betta fish safe and well under your care.

Give them their favorite food

Betta fish are curious individuals, and they may jump out to eat insects above the surface.

Don’t let your curious pet wander around looking for food, make sure you are feeding them properly with their favorite food that gives them the right amount of nutrients.

Having betta treats will make them love you more. You can look for some betta treats such as brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Give your betta a few treats now and then, after all, they are your lovely little creatures.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cover the tank with a lid

One simple solution is just to cover the tank with a lid. It’s the perfect way to ensure that your betta can never jump out.

But if you do not meet the conditions above covering a tank is just a temporary solution.

As a betta owner, making sure that your betta lives in a nice environment with its needs should be your top priority.

Final thoughts

Overall, your betta won’t jump out of its tank if it’s kept in a pleasant environment. But when you already have the perfect conditions for them, they may just be jumping because they like to.

If you’re really worried about them jumping out even with the best environment, you are free to cover your fish tank or buy a higher tank so your betta cannot jump out and avoid accidents.

If you’re doing the best for your betta already, keep at it and give them the best life they deserve!