9 Best Betta Flakes of 2023

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Are you having trouble with a picky eater? Worry no more for you have the option to feed your betta fish with flakes! Aside from betta food pellets and other betta foods, flakes are becoming more popular in the aquarium hobby for their rich diet and affordable price. But what is the best betta flake food out there?

There are a lot of different brands of flakes on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the best one for your fish. This article will discuss the different brands of betta flakes and which ones are the best for your fish!

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1. Fluval Bug Bites Color Enhancing Fish Food

Fluval Bug Bites Color Enhancing Fish Food for Betta Fish, Flakes for Small to Medium Sized Fish, 0.63 oz., A7366, Brown

Fluval Bug Bites Color Enhancing Fish Food is a high-protein color-enhancing food for betta fish rich in Omega 3 and 6. It’s packed with all the essential nutrients and minerals that will keep your betta’s skin, scales, and fins healthy while giving them the balanced diet they need.

This betta food also contains 40% Black Soldier Fly Larvae that your betta fish will surely love! Feed your betta just enough of this flake food twice daily to keep them healthy and strong.


  • Enhances betta’s colors
  • Can be fed to all life stages


  • Doesn’t stay on the surface for too long

2. GloFish Betta Flakes Tropical Fish Food

GloFish Betta Flakes Tropical Fish Food, 0.71 oz. (AQ-78301)

Specialized flake food for GloFish fluorescent fishes, the GloFish Betta Flakes offers a nutritious diet for your dazzling colorful betta or any other mid-size tropical fishes!

Made from shrimp proteins, let your betta fish eat these tropical fish flakes two to three times a day. However, feed them only small amounts to not overfeed your fish and pollute their tank water from leftovers.


  • Perfect for tiny bettas
  • Smell-free


  • Smaller compared to other flake foods

3. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes, Cleaner and Clearer Water Formula, 1-Ounce

A staple food not only for bettas but also for other fish, the TetraMin Plus Flakes is blended with nutrients that keep your betta healthy.

For maximum flavor, this betta food contains ingredients such as freeze-dried brine shrimp that will attract any fish! In addition, uneaten food and fish waste will be reduced due to this flake’s increased digestibility – so expect clearer and cleaner water!


  • Can be easily digested
  • Floats for an ample time
  • Smell-free


  • Cap doesn’t have a dispenser feature

4. Aqueon Tropical Color Enhancing Flakes Fish Food

Aqueon Tropical Color Enhancing Flakes Fish Food, 2.29-Ounce

The next betta fish food you may want to check is the Aqueon Tropical Color Enhancing Flakes. These color-enhancing flakes give optimal nutrients for much tropical pet fish, including a high concentration of ingredients that bring out your betta’s colors!

When it’s time to eat, feed your betta fish the Aqueon flakes twice to thrice a day with only the right amount. This is very crucial to avoid constipation and clouding the water from leftovers.


  • Varying flake sizes
  • Enhances betta’s colors


  • Has a fishy smell

5. TetraColor Plus Tropical Flakes

TetraColor Plus Tropical Flakes 7.06 Ounces, With Natural Color Enhancers (77251)

Another food for your betta made by Tetra is the TetraColor Plus. This fish food is best if you aim to bring out the natural pink to the orange-red coloration of your pet!

This unique combination of nourishing substances, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements helps bolster the physique of your fish, helping them battle disease and stay disease-free.


  • Highly nutritious
  • Great value for money
  • Enhances betta’s colors
  • Loved by even very picky eater bettas


  • More expensive than other brands

6. Omega One Betta Fish Flakes

Made from delicious wild salmon and high-quality ingredients, the Omega One Fish Flakes are rich in fatty acids. This helps reduce and prevent inflammation for your betta fish and strengthens their immune system.

Aside from that, these betta buffet flakes will also enhance your fish’s colors and make them stand out more due to the high level of beta-carotene found in their ingredients.


  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6
  • Doesn’t cloud the water
  • Enhances betta’s colors


  • Sinks easily

7. API Tropical Fish Green Flakes

API TROPICAL GREENS FLAKES Tropical Fish Greens Flakes Fish Food 1.1-Ounce Container

If you’re worried about whether your betta can nibble this flake easily, this food may be the one for you. Designed to float on the surface, the API Tropical Fish Green Flakes is easily digestible pet food that will lead to lesser toxic ammonia and promote more pristine water quality.

It also comes in two sizes, making it suitable for smaller-mouthed bettas. Like other betta flakes, the API green flakes also enhance the vibrant color of your betta fish due to ingredients like spirulina and beet pulp.


  • Varying flake sizes
  • Enhances betta’s colors
  • Generous amount of flakes


  • Fishy smell

8. Wardley Tropical Fish Food Flakes

Wardley Tropical Fish Food Flakes - 1.95oz

A more natural-colored flakes, Wardley Tropical Fish Food Flakes is a high-quality protein food made with fish meals rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

This highly digestible protein source promotes better nutrition, less waste, and cleaner water that will surely help your betta thrive.


  • Flakes don’t contain artificial coloring
  • Doesn’t cloud water
  • Available for both tropical and freshwater fish


  • More expensive than other brands

9. Cobalt Aquatics Tropical Flake

Cobalt Aquatics Tropical Flake, 1.2 oz, Model Number: 20001N,White/Black

Do you have a constipated betta? Then you may want to try the Cobalt Aquatic Tropical Flake! These flakes are formulated to improve your betta’s digestion and digestive health since it is packed with probiotics and other necessary nutrients for an improved immune system.

Feed your fish two to three times daily, only up until they can consume them all within several minutes.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Promotes good digestion
  • Perfect for tiny bettas


  • Flakes may be too small for bigger fishes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flakes good for bettas?

Flakes are formulated to provide a rich-protein diet for your buddy, which is good for sustaining their carnivorous nature.

However, as much as flakes are easier and cheaper to get, it is best to remember that this should not solely substitute for other betta foods and be the only meal you’ll give your betta for the rest of their lives.

Flakes can be a staple for regular feedings, but you may also want to give them other foods that they usually eat in the wild.

What is the best betta fish food to feed your pet?

There is not only one best betta fish food out there. In fact, a betta’s diet should consist of all the nutrients they can get from plant and meat-based foods to thrive.

The best fish diet should include a variety of:

  • freeze-dried foods such as freeze-dried bloodworms
  • frozen foods like frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp
  • betta fish live foods such as parasites, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp eggs
  • fish flakes containing crude protein
  • betta pellets

If you’re unsure where to get these foods, you can check online or at your local fish stores to purchase your betta fish foods.

How much food can bettas eat?

The rule of thumb when feeding your betta fish is that the food you give them should not be bigger than their eyes. A betta’s stomach is about the size of their eyes, so make sure you don’t overfeed them to avoid constipation and other diseases caused by leaving leftover foods.

Usually, betta fish eats once or twice a day, depending on their age and the food you give them. Adult bettas can be fed once a day, while younger bettas should be fed at least twice daily.

What to consider when buying flakes?

Tropical fish flakes are usually available in two kinds: granules and flakes. Experiment first which of these two your betta likes the most, and then decide which food product to buy your pet based from:

Fat content

Since bettas are protein-rich food, you may want to check the ingredients before purchasing your betta flakes. Check the nutrition charts at the back of your flakes and see how many fats your betta will consume from them.

As much as you want your betta to enjoy their food, you may not want them to become obese and grow unhealthy.


Buy only from reliable manufacturers. Not checking the integrity of the manufacturers can compromise the quality of ingredients you’re giving your fish.

Moreover, leaving unreliable products on your tank can contaminate the water and harm your fish’s health. Save yourself the trouble by doing some research and checking other consumers’ reviews before deciding on what flakes to buy your pet fish.


The best betta flake food from our list is the:

Bettas can be picky eaters that’s why finding the best betta food may take more patience than you may expect. Although we’ve suggested the best food for your pet, don’t be afraid to try out other products until you find what your betta enjoys the most.

Betta flakes are easy to find and are available in most local pet stores. Keep in mind that your betta’s health matters the most, so give them only the best of the best fish meal of their lives!