What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available?

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

If you decided to have your own fish at home, then you’ve just come to the right place. Having pet fishes aren’t only therapeutic as they can help you relax, but they also serve as great aesthetic additions to your home.

What better way to start your aquatic journey than by having a betta fish as a pet?

Just from the looks of it, a betta fish is definitely a must-have.

Who doesn’t love their attractive colors that glow while they swim around the aquarium? And speaking of aquariums, you may be still in a dilemma on which fish tank to get for your betta fish!

This article will help you choose which fish tank to get that is suitable for betta fishes. So before you head out into the store, just sit down for a moment, and let’s have a brief chit chat about fish tanks.

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1. Penn Plax 2.7 Gallon Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

PENN-PLAX Water-World Vertex Desktop Nano Aquarium Kit – Perfect for Shrimp and Small Fish – 2.7 Gallon Tank

The Penn Plax 2.7 Gallon Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit is an ideal aquarium for starters. They are perfectly sized for regular betta fishes. They also come with a net and filtration system as part of the package.


  • Great for starters who are just having their very first betta fish
  • Includes the essentials such as a net and filtration system
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t include a LED light
  • Basic design

2. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallon

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is packed with all the essentials you need from a fish tank. It includes a water conditioner, clip-on water filter, and LED light that’s built in on the canopy of the tank. 


  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • Easy-to-use clip-on aquarium filter


  • Expensive
  • LED lights flicker after constant usage

3. Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

The Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices on this list. This 5-gallon tank features a unique look and style that combines modernity and simplicity. The LED light is also changeable to Daylight or Moonlight options for added customizability. 


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Changeable LED light colors
  • Affordable


  • Unreliable filtration system
  • Durability issues

4. Tetra Curved-Front Tank With LEDs Crescent Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent aquarium Kit 5 Gallons, Curved-Front Tank With LEDs

The Tetra Curved-Front Tank With LEDs Crescent Aquarium Kit gives you the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and functionality. This features a curved design that includes a water filtration system and built-in LED lights with the source hidden out of sight.


  • Curved design allows easy viewing at different angles
  • Can fill up to 5 gallons of water
  • Very affordable


  • Limited space
  • Unreliable filtration system

5. Fluval Edge 2.0 Aquarium Kit

Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit, 6 Gallon, Black

Looking for a small fish tank that can fit on any table? If so, the Fluval Edge 2.0 Aquarium Kit might be for you. This affordable aquarium kit comes with a 6500K integrated LED light that replicates sunlight for the underwater plants to grow or moonlight for nighttime. Other inclusions are an easy-access feeding door and a multi-flow water filtration system.


  • 6500K integrated LED light with day and night illumination
  • Includes essential features such as an easy-access feeding door
  • Can fill up to 6 gallons of water


  • Design is too basic for aesthetic-savvy people
  • Lacks color options for the LED light

6. Imagitarium Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit

Petco Brand - Imagitarium Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit, 5.2 GAL

The Imagitarium Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit is as basic as it gets. But don’t underestimate this one because it is more affordable than the others. It features LED lights arranged in a spotlight manner, a power filter that aerates and circulates water, and a panoramic design that gives you a 360-degree view of your betta fishes.


  • LED lighting features a spotlight setting
  • Efficient power filtration system
  • Affordable


  • Limited size
  • Construction isn’t premium quality

7. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

The Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit features a sleek design that offers enough space for your fishes and aquatic decors. It also has an LED light system that replicates day and night cycles.


  • Customizable day and night LED lighting
  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Big enough to fit multiple fishes and aquatic decors


  • Unreliable filtration system
  • Tank is prone to leaks

8. Penn Plax 2 Gallon Prism Nano Aquarium Kit

PENN-PLAX Water-World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit – Includes Integrated Filter, 2 Filter Media Cartridges, Telescoping LED Light, and Tinted Cover – 2 Gallons – Black

The Penn Plax 2 Gallon Prism Nano Aquarium Kit is an affordable fish tank for those who want to own only a single betta fish. The tank has all the essentials and fits any room with a small table, be it at the office, dorm, or apartment.


  • Small size makes it fit anywhere
  • Elegant and minimalist design
  • Affordable


  • Weak LED lighting
  • Can’t fit large aquatic plants

9. GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit With Blue & White LED

GloFish Crescent aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Includes Hidden Blue LED Light And Internal Filter

If you like to have a glowing aquarium that makes your betta fishes stand out, then the GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit With Blue & White LED might be for you. This aquarium has stunning aesthetics and comes with essentials such as a quiet filtration system and a double LED light in blue and white color.


  • Stylish blue and white LED light
  • Silent filtration system
  • Very affordable


  • Affordability sacrifices quality
  • Dim lighting

10. Lifegard Aquatics Full View Aquarium Complete Kit

GloFish Crescent aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Includes Hidden Blue LED Light And Internal Filter

If you want the ultimate aquatic experience with uncompromised quality, then the Lifegard Aquatics Full View Aquarium Complete Kit might be what you’re looking for. This aquarium can fill 7 gallons of water and has full spectrum LED lighting that adds stylish elegance. It includes a water level control, mechanical filtration, algae cleaner, and a quiet pump.


  • Full spectrum LED lighting
  • Includes many features
  • 360-degree viewing


  • Expensive
  • Very simple design

Benefits of Having a Betta Fish Tank

Most people believe that betta fishes can survive in a small fishbowl just like goldfishes. But this is a common misconception that you should avoid. Betta fishes need an aquarium, specifically large ones to let them swim around freely.

So why get a dedicated aquarium for your betta fish, anyway?

Here are some:

Can act as a home decor

Certain fish tanks have a built-in LED lighting on it. This is perfect during nighttime, where the LED lights can boost your betta fish’s natural glow. Just be cautious if you have cats in your home because they might see this as an instant meal. It also won’t hurt if you can include stuff that betta fish like in their tank to make it look better in your home.

More fishes, more fun

Fish tanks usually come in large sizes. This means you can add more betta fishes as much as you want. The more fishes you have, the more interesting it’ll be.

Improves your mental health

Having a fish tank helps improve your mood by reducing stress and anxiety. They can also help you sleep better at night. Try putting the aquarium in your room and you’ll surely head to “dreamland” in no time.

What Is The Best Betta Fish Tank Available

Things to Consider When Buying a Betta Fish Tank

It’s important that you know the things to consider when buying a betta fish tank to save yourself some trouble later. Here are some of the most important things to consider:


Betta fishes need large open spaces to swim around because of their aggressive and territorial nature. Betta Fishes are aggressive not only to other fish types but also to their same species.

Therefore, it is important to keep their numbers as low as possible for each tank. Two to three fishes won’t hurt. Just don’t put over ten of them in a single tank or the next thing you’ll find is an aquatic battlefield

LED Lighting

We said earlier that having an aquarium for your Betta Fish acts as home decor. And for that, opt for a fish tank with some lighting features. Some fish tanks have LED lighting that looks aesthetically pleasing in dimly lit areas.

The light of these aquariums also creates an illuminated effect on the body of the betta fish, making them glow even more, especially during nighttime.

Filtration system

Betta fishes thrive in still waters. This means you don’t just put them in any kind of water. You need a filtration system for these fishes to grow well. Fish tanks with a filtration system ensure that your betta fishes aren’t stressed. You can also place fresh aquatic plants to improve oxygen flow.

Over to you

We hope this guide helps you find what is the best betta fish tank available right now in the market!