Platinum Betta Fish Care Guide

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Betta or the Siamese fighting fish are freshwater fish that are native to Southeast Asia. More famous in Thailand, bettas are considered to be a long-time favorite by both new and veteran fish keepers because of their beautiful color!

If you’re new to keeping these special white-colored “platinum” bettas, worry not– this article will give you details and guide you on everything you need to know about them!

Platinum white betta care sheet

Minimum Tank Size:5 Gallons
Average Lifespan:3-5 years
Size:Approximately 2.5-3 inches
Disease:The common ones include fin rot, overfeeding, white spot disease, dropsy, and columnaris
Decorations:Plants and toys
Tank Maintenance:Weekly water renewal (25%) and daily maintenance tasks

What is a platinum betta fish?

platinum betta fish

If you search betta in your browser, you may notice that there are many different varieties of bettas available out there. These betta splendens were bred by enthusiasts and are commonly sold online or in a pet shop.

Famous for its ghost-white color, the platinum betta has a striking all-white coloration that will surely standout in your aquarium!

Moreover, platinum white betta is considered a unique and high-grade variety of the popular variety of the betta plakat body type.

Care guide for your betta fish

Your pet needs a lot of care and to make sure they are happy, here is the basic information you should know before bringing your platinum fish home:

What is the recommended tank size?

It is a common misconception that tiny fish can live in bowls or small containers. Although they could fit in a small space, this is still not a good environment in which they can thrive.

Your platinum white pet (and any other betta species) should at least live in a 5-gallon tank. But if you could give a bigger space, the better. Just remember that the tank should not be too deep since bettas are used to swim in shallow waters.

The square tanks are the best option for bettas because they can’t breathe properly in bowls. Bowls only give a small opening at the top that limits filter options, and this is especially bad news since betta fish are really sensitive to bacterial maladies!

They would also need a lot of space to swim around and explore their environment since bettas are known to be naturally inquisitive.

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Does your betta fish need a heater?

As much as possible, please try to include a water heater in your tank.

Bettas are known for being extremely sensitive to temperatures, so an aquarium heater is a must-have in order to keep them happy and healthy.

If you want your pet betta fish to stay safe and warm, be sure that the water tank’s temperature stays between 72-82°F at all times!

What to feed your betta?

Your beautiful platinum white betta should receive the best food possible – and that is having a protein-rich diet.

Betta platinum white fish are carnivores and they enjoy eating insects and larvae. Aside from living foods, they can also be fed flakes, pellets, and frozen foods as well. This type of food will help sustain their needs that are very essential for their growth!

How often should you feed your fish?

Feed your platinum white betta at least twice a day – one during the day and the other at night.

The easiest mistake to make with betta fish is overfeeding, so be vigilant about not letting his belly swell up and become constipated.

When to clean your betta tank?

Male hand cleaning aquarium using microfiber towel.

The frequency of water change for your platinum white fish depends on the size of its tank.

If you have a 10-gallon aquarium, it will only need to be cleaned once or twice per month with periodic water changes; however, if you’re using something smaller like a 1-gallon tank, then expect that cleaning frequency should increase to every two days.

These frequent and drastic water changes can stress out your platinum white pet that is why it is recommended to get a bigger tank to save your fish from unnecessary worries.

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Should you include tankmates?

Bettas (especially male bettas) are known for their combative nature, which is why they should only be housed with one male in a tank. Alternatively, you can get two female bettas with one male and add in the occasional live feeder fish or shrimp if desired.

Common betta fish diseases

Did you know that your platinum white betta fish could experience a variety of illnesses? Some common ones include:

These are just some of the different types out there so it’s important to always monitor their health and behavior in order to keep them healthy!


In conclusion, platinum fish is a beautiful and popular type of freshwater fish that requires proper care to maintain optimal health. It’s best if you research before purchasing one, as they require the best care possible to thrive!